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Courses Offered

Core Curriculum


The Reading course is designed to improve skills and strategies for improving reading through extensive and intensive reading.


Students will learn general and academic vocabulary as well as common idioms and practice them in a variety of oral and reading activities.

Writing/Study Skills

In this course, students will practice general writing skills as well as the type of writing skills needed for academic work, such as summarizing, paraphrasing, performing research, participating in class discussions, and presentations of researched material. Advanced students will learn how to use the university library for research and are required to write a research paper. In addition, students become familiar with basic computer operations, such as word processing, email, and accessing the World Wide Web.


The Grammar course focuses on the learning of structures through oral and written communicative activities.

American Culture

The American Culture course investigates targeted areas of American culture by analyzing its culture, customs, and values through readings, video, discussion, surveys, interviews, guest speakers, and short field trips. The students are encouraged to participate actively in finding out about American culture by communicating with native speakers about topics which are relevant to their own lives and careers.

Communication Skills

The Communication Skills class is designed to maximize opportunities for speaking and listening to English. Students engage in a variety of pair, small group, and whole class activities, which provide meaningful practice to improve oral fluency. Activities include discussion, interviews, surveys, expressing opinions, role-plays, speeches, and debates, which are grouped around relevant themes. Students also practice the vowels and consonants which are typically difficult for international students, and the stress, rhythm, and intonation patterns of spoken English.

Elective Courses

Individualized Learning

The Individualized Learning course is based in the CALL Lab. Students will receive instruction on how to use computers and CALL Lab materials to improve their English proficiency. Students may use this time to focus on individual interests or problem areas. A variety of language learning technology and materials are available for students to work at their own pace: CDs and computer programs, the World Wide Web, email and discussion lists, extensive listening resources (cassette tapes), reading materials, and video tapes.

TOEFL Preparation

The TOEFL Preparation course focuses on the strategies, skills, and practice which students need to increase their TOEFL scores. Students practice a variety of activities designed to address problem areas of the TOEFL, analyze correct and incorrect answers, and practice the 3 sections of the test.

Business English/TOEIC

The Business English course offers practice in English for business and professional situations. Activities include discussions, learning of business vocabulary, and writing for business situations. The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is also practiced and administered.

Reading Workshop

The Reading Workshop is designed for students to increase reading speed and comprehension through the use of a series of controlled individual exercises.